Welcome to Video Help for Gmail Log in via Google Apps for Education.

How to use this Page:

1. Watch the video and copy what I do. 

2. If you are at my school then you need to remember these steps: 

if you are in Year 2 you type: firstname.lastnameb2023

if you are in Year 3 you type: firstname.lastnameb2022

if you are in Year 4 you type: firstname.lastnameb2021

if you are in Year 5 you type: firstname.lastnameb2020

if you are in Year 6 you type: firstname.lastnameb2019

3. If you begin by loggin in you MUST, MUST change your password.

4. Turn webclips off using the video help.

If you begin to use the Google Docs/ Drive then you MUST make an ICT folder and share it with me. Copy this email address and use to share the folder. glenn.malcolm@tes.tp.edu.tw

If you get stuck come and see the Year 5 and 6 ICT Gurus in room C203 or C204 on a Wednesday Lunchtime. (This only applies until June 16th 2012)


Finished? Go here for Google Docs Help