Welcome the Video help pages for making Google Sites for your school account.

There are rules to stick to here and, if you are one of my students, you should have signed either the temporary AUP or by the new year should have signed with your parents the new AUP.

1. Security. No personal images if your settings are set yo public on any of the pages you have set up.

2. If you attend EPC than all settings should be set to "Only Taipei European School" inthe sharing settings.

3. The folders must be set up as we show inthe videos. No personal pages on the top level. You can make a personal page as shown and share that with your friends. They can always subscribe and see what you're saying.

4. (if you attend EPC) If you're sharing a personal page. Then it must be shared with your ICT teacher, your class teacher and your parents.

5. All folders, pages need to be shared or subscribed to and with by your teachers.

Only make a Home Work Page if you let your parents, class teacher know you are doing so.

Please see the Temporary or New AUP for the full guide.