A Portfolio of ICT lessons from the last 18 months.

KEY Pieces of Work: Years 2, 3 and 5. Further down the page is a video from the clubs I run, an assembly and a lesson obsservation with the final piece.

The page contains 3 items: Panaoramic image of my classroom in Vietnam, examples of my favourite work from here in Vietnam and a lesson observation with the work in progress from the actual lesson below it (Digital Mosaics).

1. Panoramic view of my classroom. Hit the picture to see a full screen rendering.

Panoramic Classroom

2. A series of excellent children's ICT work.

The series of images and videos you see below are my favourites from the last 18 months at BISV. I tried to think of one piece of work but in reality it's just too difficult. So I have had to go by year groups from Year 2 to Year 6.


Year 2: Stan (brother of Femke in the Year 3 work below) has prduced a simple piece of programming in Scratch to finish off their learning about journeys. Watch as he shows us the controls then plays the simulation. 

Year 3: These are our Digital Stories in Kerpoof. We used Kerpoof to build the pages then took screen shots of our computers and recorded ourselves using the easi-speaks.

The video begins halfway through with Femke. She had only been in school 3 months and knew very little English. To write a story like this and record it is very brave as the whole class had to be silent and listen while we recorded.



Year 4: Part of imaging and IPC Design and Technology topics - we use Google Sketchup to make farms and embed them to Google Earth.

N.B. This item is similar to what we have. The video is pending and will be posted soon. This is from my colleague Neil Lynch found here

Year 5: This is a claymation of an incident that happened to one of our year 5. This is one of a series of 10 from last year's Year 5 students.


Year 5: This is part of the animation series but from another class. Different approach and experimenting with camera angles.

Year 6: Two pieces of work

This is Kai's ongoing portfolio in Year6. All children at BISV from years 4-6 have Gmail accounts that allow them to create web-based portfolios to share and collaborate. This example shows the cross-curricular aspects in literacy and how we embed different media on our sites.


Computer Game Research. The games will involve aspects of the IPC topic: Development and centered around our ICT theme "Futurism."

The excellence in this piece of collaborative work isn't neccessarily in the actual outcome but the understanding of Futurism and sharing online. The girls both understand that the future isn't fantasy and has to contain an essence of the present. A little more editing will see this grow into the rules of their game to be built in Scratch. 

Clubs and Assemblies


This is the Probot club assembly. The Children, throughout the course of the term, videoed and photoed themselves before finally editing the gargantuan file sizes in the brilliant Animoto.



3: The Lesson Observations and the work from the 3rd of 3 lessons itself below.

Lesson Observation at the Taipei European School November 2010

Year 6 reminded how to search correctly in a Open Document pointing out the Wonder Wheel in Google searching to provide visual tools to research.

The first of the two sessions provided time to revise the search skills and brainstorm in a visual way. The Children used Wallwisher.com to brainstorm ideas based on what they already knew about Coastline Erosion.

Continuing the collaborative group work we used 4 groups on 4 different pages from Piratepad.net to paste the links into their respective pages. They then discussed their work in the plenary, raising questions on Todaysmeet.com

One group's collective links are here: http://piratepad.net/HxHe0VJSHh

Lesson Observation of the second laptop session.

All images can be downloaded in original size from these links lesson observation 1, Lesson observation 2, Lesson observation 3, Gemma's example from the 3rd lesson,



Gemma's Example from the lesson described above. Lesson 3 of 3.