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Amazing Bee-Bot resources from Kent ICT


This is from here over at Kent ICT. This is a great resource especially if you don't have the mats for the bee-bots (like we don't at the moment) then the PDF for the cones and the letters.

Kent Bee-Bot Resources created by James Barrett

Jackets to fit on your Bee Bot 

All of the jackets work best if you place a piece of BluTack behind the Bee Bot's eyes. I like to give the children a 15cm square of  corrugated cardboard. Then they can make their own track or map. 

To use if you are having a Seaside or Holidays topic. The engines drag on the floor though, so I wouldn't bother with them unless you are really enjoying yourself.

Handa's Surprise jacket.
This one includes a basket where you can put the fruit. (Handa herself needs to be found elsewhere on the Internet, then cut out and glued onto the jacket).

sealife jacket.

BeeBot Shell


Beebot Shell (online resource)

Create your own BeeBot shell. Dress your Beebots as story characters and drive around a story map. Pre made examples include Elmer, The Gingerbread Man and a Police Car.

When you PRINT don't forget to set the 'Preferences' to landscape, else your shell will be very small!! 

Beebot Cone


Beebot Cones (PDF resource)

Right-click on the picture and choose 'save target as'. This will download a net for a beebot cone. Print the cone onto card and you have a target for your journey, or a place to put phoneme flags, or hang cotton between two cones and you can suspend phoneme cards to knock down with your beebot. 

Cone Tops


Beebot Cone Tops - (PDF resource)
Supports Letters and Sounds 
This resource creates phoneme-labelled cone tops which can be placed on top of the Beebot cones provided above.
nonStandard units


Pixie / Beebot - (PDF resource)
Non Standard Units of Measure Print and then laminate this resource. Then cut out the pictures to use as non-standard units of measure, (11cm for Pixie and 15cm for Beebot). These cards are also very useful for planning your route.

Bee-Bot software

softwareNB. You don’t need to buy this software to use your Bee-Bot and you don’t need a Bee-Bot to use this software.

Within the software, you can program a virtual Bee-Bot to move around a mat. The program allows users to watch the movements from a range of angles including the perspective of the moving Bee-Bot.

Creating your own resources

Top tip - Draw 15cm x 15cm squares as the Bee-Bot can only move in 15cm increments.


Get the Buzz on Bee-Bots - Learning Innovation Centre
Website has an Official Bee-Bot Guide as well as other Bee-Bot resources including:

  • Slalom Buzzing Bee-Bot Resource Kit
  • Pollen Hunt Flower Template
  • Bee-Bot Number Hives Mat Template
  • Bee-Bot B-Tunes Song Charts

Bee-Bots: Pirates and Treasure Hunts

The links I am posting below and the corresponding PDF is gotten from here:

What I have done is taken the Sparklebox livery off the PDF with whiteout. It's pretty simple to do at PDFescape should you wish to edit a PDF where you only need a small part of it.

BeeBots Pirates and Treasure Hunt


Bee Bots - learning without the mats

I was wondering the other day what or how to use the Bee-Bots without mats with Reception aged children. The thing is, the children have never seen them before let alone used them. So, do I hold off and wait till my support staff have made the mats and roadways or let them play and explore?

So, I decided to make these pages as a collection of Bee-Bot Resources based on my past experiences with all the obstacles and mats versus the home made approach from other teachers around the world.

The first is a video from Clive Dawes at the Kellet School in Hong Kong where he has just set the Bee-Bots up and let them dance. 

The Plan, therefore, is to play and explore then pair the children up and get them to copy each other. A simple 30minute plan.

1. Show Clive's Video. Let the children Play. Remind them of the Clear Button.

2. Patterns - back and forth counting steps to 3.

3. Patterns left and right.

4. Pair up. Copy a 'Dance'