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FOBIT 2014 - Ed Tech Leaders in Asia


FoBISSEA Games 2012 in Beijing, China - Day 4 and 5

Day 4- Year 4 Football

Written by Jeni Wong over here.

The Football competition started on Day 4 and in the Year 4 competition this involved 5 teams playing 10 minute rounds to make it to the final. Year 4 Boys and Girls put up a tremendous fight in the soccer and both teams made it to the finals with the Year 4 boys winning one of their games by an impressive 6- nil. Both teams played the same respective boys and girls teams which were now becoming quite a regular fixture, for all of our FoBISSEA teams, DBIS- Discovery Bay International School, Hong Kong. The finals were nerve racking with the girls taking the silver and the boys just losing out at the last minute by 2-1. Both teams did very well and as I coached the girls teams, I have to give special call-outs to Jeni for her great kicks in defence, Wendy for braving the tackles, Jade and Niktha for their super mid-field to forward work, Natalie who made some good saves in goal and Tiffany for being the right place at the right time and scoring some goals. Another medal in the bag- TES is the BEST!
Day 5- Excursion day
This was a real reward for everyone for all their hardwork in the competition and their training prior to leaving for FoBBISEA. We went swimming at the Beijing Cube next to the famous Beijing Birdnest stadium. Arriving early but spending some time negotiating door entrance with the 3 rounds of different door people! But a time well spent and everyone had a great time in the tunnels and tubes. After that a lovely lunch in the sun before playing some bowling and then going off to see the Famous Beijing ChaoYang Theatre Acrobatics World. This truely was an amazing show where acrobats showed us their talents by balancing objects, riding bikes and performing stunts with precision and skill. Check out their website . Rounding off the evening with a yummy buffect meal where the Year 6 boys chomped down steaks and all the meat that you could imagine. 
Highlights of the trips:
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FoBISSEA Games 2012 in Beijing, China - Day 3

Day 3 - The T-Ball 
What an amazing day, we had our usual early rise and shine starting off the day with a great buffet breakfast. It was T-Ball day and we arrived at the beautiful Dulwich Beijing sports ground to the cheers of our loyal parent supporters with their horns and TES pompoms! The children got straight to work by playing in a series of T-Ball games which would determine which teams would make it to the finals. I never realised why we practised T-Ball so much during our ECA practices, but after our day today, I could see the huge part of the FOBISSEA games that the event took. Unlike yesterday,where individual medals could be won by doing your best for yourself, T-Ball really did require a lot of TTT- thinking, tactics and teamwork. Watching the Year 4s play was exciting and nerve racking at the same time...but they really did make a super team. Shubh was a quick thinking pitcher working really well with Gill on first base and Jun Sung as backstop. We had some great fielding by Sean, Svente and Lachlan with their good stopping and large throws. Well done to Tiffany who took a brave stop and blocked a strong hit. Jeni, Jade and Wendy gave some good hits and sprinted home. One tactic TES will definitely be remembered for will be its Stop and Scare tactic, which envied by others has been mastered by Natalie, Nikitha and Shubh but with varying levels of 'Scare'. 
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FoBISSEA Games 2012 in Beijing, China.

The FoBISSEA Games Attendees, Beijing, China

The first day... What a BLUR!

After a 4.45am meet-up at the EPC the , bleary eyed 2012 FOBISSEA group representing TES were off. The spirits, despite the early hour, were high and everyone was super excited about what the day ahead was to deliver us. The airport check-in went extremely well and before we knew it we were touching down at Beijing Capital Airport, although we hardly realised we were there with the hazy skies closing in.
The Harrow School, Beijing representatives were there to meet and greet us and led us to the awaiting buses. The excitement was now building, especially on seeing the TES logo in the windscreen of the bus! The next journey was to the Beijing Aquarium where Mr Milner had organised for us to see the dolphin show. Something about trying to get us in the mood for the swimming competition!!! We had a great afternoon wandering the aquarium and getting used to being together as a group. 
Carry on reading the full story and day-by-day write-ups from Mr. McKelvie here on the FoBISSEA Games page.